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  • UnicoCampania

    vendita olio extra vergine d'oliva

    An innovative and rapidly expanding. This, in brief, the Consortium UNICOCAMPANIA, the body that deals with the integrated tariff management in the Campania region. A complex built in small steps: offer users maximum access to the network of local public transport, using a SINGLE ticket.

    To navigate through urban and suburban areas of Avellino, Benevento, Caserta, Naples and Salerno.

  • Campania > artecard

    vendita olio extra vergine d'oliva

    It 'a loadable card, unique support for travel and learn about the wonderful cultural heritage of Campania. The card offers the opportunity to choose from, including: cultural routes 11 and the corresponding transport of the Consortium UnicoCampania various plus events at a special price. Also discounts and special deals at some tourist services and cultural facilities agreement (shops, theaters, museums).